Call Before You Dig

Contact Atlantic Dig Safe at 1-866-344-5463 or

Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline would like to hear from you well in advance if you are planning work which involves any of the following activities in the vicinity of our pipeline system:

  • Working within 30 metres of our Easement
  • Forestry cutting and removal
  • Excavating or blasting
  • Construction involving heavy machinery near our Easement
  • Development proposal
  • Planning to cross our easement with heavy equipment
  • Road, rail and service crossings of the Easement
  • Paving or changing in existing grades
  • Highway and road reconstruction
  • Fence installation
  • Field tile installations
  • Any other similar activities

If you are in doubt about possible pipeline locations or permissible uses of the Easement, call the Operations office in your province at least 72 hours (three full working days) prior to commencing your work. We will tell you where the pipeline and related facilities are, and will provide you with the necessary written permissions you require to proceed. You must call before you dig.

As an additional resource, our Natural Gas Pipeline Locator provides an approximate location of the Maritimes and Northeast Pipeline natural gas pipeline(s) in your area. The content of this map is for information purposes. An official locate ticket and clearance must be obtained from Maritimes and Northeast Pipeline before excavation or other type of ground disturbance is conducted.

Link to PDF: Contractor safety information
Link to PDF: Contractor checklist