Safety Precautions

Pipelines operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They are constantly monitored by technicians using advanced computer systems at the Gas Control Centre. The technicians keep detailed data on the entire pipeline system and can remotely operate shut-off valves along the route.

The pipeline easement is routinely patrolled by aircraft and, in heavily populated areas, by foot patrol. Computer-assisted control centres also closely monitor the pipeline system. These control centres operate on a 24 hour basis with skilled controllers who can quickly isolate a section of pipeline, if necessary, by remotely closing valves.

Full time crews, based at points along the pipeline route, regularly travel in trucks and on foot to inspect valves and other parts of the system. They make sure the route is clearly marked and maintain contact with people living near the pipeline. If a problem occurs, these crews will take immediate steps to make repairs, minimize danger to the public and protect the environment.