What Is An Easement?

An Easement is a type of Right-of-Way that is negotiated by the pipeline company. It is an agreement between the landowner and the pipeline company to allow the construction, operation, and maintenance of the underground pipeline. The Easement agreement is registered at the local registry office. Its rights and responsibilities “run with the land” or pass on to any future owners.

Underground pipelines are identified with above ground marker posts at property lines and at road, water and rail crossings. All underground pipelines are either contained within road allowances or company Easements.

Not all M&NP facilities are underground. Mainline and lateral valves, regulating and metering stations, and test boxes are an integral part of this system. It is important that if you are considering working near any of these facilities that you be aware of their location and function and call the M&NP Operations office in your province for permission to work in this area.