Community Relations

Prior to filing its facilities applications with FERC, Maritimes undertook extensive programs to provide information about the projects to landowners, state and municipal officials, the public and other interested parties.

Maritimes continues to maintain contact with the Governors and Legislatures of Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts as well as the Congressional delegations from the three states. All federal and state government agencies such as environmental protection, transportation, agriculture, historic preservation, facilities siting, and public utilities regulation are kept up to date on company activities.

In addition, Maritimes maintains contact with the municipalities through which the pipeline passes, as well as with county governments, regional planning commissions and environmental organizations. Maritimes also updates the Native American nations along the pipeline route. The pipeline routes took into consideration cultural and natural resources, especially those of the Native American nations.

An important part of our community outreach was working with landowners and state and local officials to identify and develop solutions to concerns with our project plans or potential route. Maritimes listened to landowner, environmental and community concerns then made every reasonable effort to address these issues.