Dig Safe

Maritimes adheres to very strict guidelines regulating right-of-way use. Government statistics cite damage by a third party, someone other than the owner or operator of the line, as the leading cause of accidents on natural gas lines. For the protection of the public and the pipeline, Maritimes must approve any physical work conducted on the right-of-way.

Maritimes participates in the Dig Safe or One Call program for Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Dig Safe provides contractors and residents with accurate information about the location of the pipeline, informs Maritimes of planned excavations and allows Maritimes to monitor activities around the right-of-way. For more information on Dig Safe, go to www.digsafe.com

Before any type of excavation work may be done within the right-of-way, Dig Safe and M&N Operating Company must be contacted — see the telephone numbers below. Maritimes requires an inspector be present during excavation and will assign company personnel to monitor the work.

Dig Safe
Maine New Hampshire, MA
888-DIG-SAFE or